Creative writing competition for children and mentors

5 April 2023

Do you like to write?

Then we invite you to take part in a competition organised by EDU NOROC to be one of the young authors who will be published on the project’s blog and in the anthology “A student’s adventures in the wonderful land of childhood!”

(publication date: September 2023).

What do you have to do to participate?

It’s not complicated at all. 😊

You can enter the competition with a single entry (in Romanian) alone or with your mentor.
Choose a title for your own work.

What can you send us?

We welcome all types of literary creations (minimum 200 words and not exceeding 2500 words): poems, stories, fairy tales, etc., in Romanian on the theme of A Student’s Adventures in the Wonderful Land of Childhood.

Until when and where can you hand in your work?

Entries can be sent to until 15 May 2023 inclusive.

*Parents and grandparents can contribute stories, but please ask them to trust your imagination. 😊

We look forward to creative, engaging and funny work in digital format, accompanied by full name, title of work, age, phone number, email address and the name of your school.

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